7TV Dracula Game

The Dracula That Never Was

7TV: Dracula imagines an alternative Dracula as a British action-adventure tv serial broadcast in 1977 – as a skirmish game played with miniatures.

Over the last four years, Creative Writing, English Literature and History students at Edge Hill University have worked with Crooked Dice Game Design Studio to develop games based on the productions of fictional film and television studios. 7TV: Pulp was published in 2019 and 7TV: Fantasy in 2021.

This year, one hundred and twenty-five years after the first publication of Dracula, Crooked Dice and Edge Hill students have joined forces with Bram Stoker’s great grand-nephew, Dacre Stoker, to develop 7TV: Dracula, a new narrative-driven skirmish game of gothic horror based on a television series that never was.

At the ‘Recovering the Vampire’ conference, you can join Karl Perrotton (Managing Director of Crooked Dice) and Dr Peter Wright (Lead Game Designer) and the interns who developed the game for a demonstration of 7TV: Dracula followed by a discussion and Q&A about the challenges of bringing Stoker’s novel to the tabletop.